Shortcut tools

Programmatically manipulate shortcuts.
Updated 1 Oct 2010

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A set of utilities to programmatically manipulate shortcuts (including toolbar shortcuts and help browser favourites).

AddShortcut adds a shortcut to the specified group, which by default is the toolbar, e.g.

AddShortcut('Tidy', 'close all hidden; clear all; clc;');

RemoveShortcuts removes shortcuts from the
specified group, which by default is the toolbar, e.g.

RemoveShortcuts([], 'How to Add');

GetShortcuts retrieves the details of existing toolbar shortcuts, and GetShortcutCategories retrieves the categories that those shortcuts are stored in.

CopyShortcuts moves shortcuts between categories.

AddBrowserFavourite adds a favourite page/command to your help browser favourites list.

Note that the functions rely on undocumented MATLAB features which are subject to change. The files all work correctly in R2010a, R2009b, R2009a and R2008b, (but note that the icon file given in the example does not exist in R2008b). Previous versions have not been tested.

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Richie Cotton (2024). Shortcut tools (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Version Published Release Notes

'backend' folder renamed 'private'
Add Category replaced with AddCategories
Minor bug fixes

Cleaned code, added new functions, added more help documentation.

Added new functions: AddBrowserFavourite, GetToolbarShortcuts, ShortcutsFile, GetShortcutCategories

Cleaned up terminology: group is now referred to as category throughout.

Now checks JVM is turned on.
Logical values now accepted for editable command to AddToolboxShortcut.