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Copy Paste

version (36.2 KB) by Amitabh Verma
A simple Cut, Copy, Paste contextmenu for edit boxes in GUI.

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Updated 21 Jun 2010

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Copy Paste ver. 1.0

This is a very simple cut/copy/paste context menu using java handles. This code uses findjobj by Yair Altman ( to locate the java handles.



f1 = figure('Name','Copy-Paste','Position', [480 480 340 100],'NumberTitle','off');
h1 = uicontrol(f1, 'Style', 'edit',...
'String', 'Cut',...
'BackgroundColor', [1 1 1],...
'Position', [10 10 100 50]);
h2 = uicontrol(f1, 'Style', 'edit',...
'String', 'Copy',...
'BackgroundColor', [1 1 1],...
'Position', [120 10 100 50]);
h3 = uicontrol(f1, 'Style', 'edit',...
'String', 'Paste',...
'BackgroundColor', [1 1 1],...
'Position', [230 10 100 50]);

% For single edit box object

% For selected edit box object

% For all the edit boxes in a figure
copy_paste(gcf) or copy_paste(f1)

Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

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John Iversen

This is amazing! So simple, yet adds a critical missing function to edit boxes. Thank you!

I've made the following improvements and updates

1) handle multi-line edit text boxes by adding the following to javahandles.m (from the incredible Yair,

try %is it a multi-line text edit box?
jObject = handle(jEditbox.getViewport.getView, 'CallbackProperties');

2) added an option to open URL--can't make html links in an edit box unless the box is made inactive and not editable (per Yair). So this is a compromise: select the link and chose Open URL from the contextual menu. Add this line to copy_paste.m after the 'Select All' line.

uimenu(copypastemenu, 'Text', 'Open URL', 'Accelerator', 'O', MenuSelectedFcn', 'web(jObject.SelectedText, ''-new'', ''-browser'')');

(Note here also there are newer option names for adding shortcut keys and callback and the other lines need to be changed to match)

3) Finally, I prefer to have javahandles.m use findjobj_fast from Yair Altman, instead of findjobj.

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