MATLAB access to selected Java SwingUtilities, AWTUtilities and similar functions for HG objects
Updated 23 Aug 2010

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MUtilities is a MATLAB class that provides a collection of static methods similar to, and including some of those in the Java SwingUtilities and the new AWTUtilities collections.

Some MUtilities methods require the kcl.jar file for Project Waterloo. This is available as a Netbeans project with source code or as a compiled jar file at

This provides access to the Sun AWTUtilities and some open-source functions available from the Oracle website.
Project Waterloo is under development and will grow in the near future. The present files have been posted only for use with these MUtilties.

The description below is for Version 3 of the MUtilities code which is suitable for R2008a onwards. If you have an earlier MATLAB version, use Version 1 or 2 as appropriate (see README.html). Not all functions will work unless you have JRE 1.6.10 or later.

MUtilities is a simple gateway to two superclasses

[1] MUtil which provides about 30 miscellaneous functions for manipulating MATLAB figures and other graphics

MUtilities.setFigureFade(figurehandle, 0.1);
Make a figure transparent in steps until alpha=0.1

Return the handles of all MATLAB HG objects below screen location (x,y)

Return the AWT Window for the specified figure

[2] LookAndFeel
This class provides mechanisms to set and examine the Java Look and Feel in MATLAB. This is included for experiment only: changing the Look and Feel is likely to cause all sorts of problems and is not recommended.
The problems associated with changing the L&F are OS dependent. Expect lots of exceptions on Windows, and reduced functionality e.g. with ComboBoxes on Mac.

Acknowledgment: In writing these functions I made extensive use of Yair Altman's findjobj function.

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