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YIPLOT makes plot much easier. you can use it to compress a bunch of codes into one single line.


Updated 16 Sep 2010

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YIPLOT makes plot much easier.
STR is a charater string made from any elements below, seperated by
comma, eg. 'fig=1,lw=4,t=title,x=x axis label'

fig = # set # as current figure, same as command figure(#)
sub = # subplot(#)
lw = # set linewidth to #
t = text add title, title('text')
t# = text add title with fontsize #, title('text','fontsize',#)
x = text add X-axis label, xlabel('text')
x# = text add X-axis label with fontsize #, xlabel('text','fontsize',#)
y =, y# = add Y-axis label
z =, z# = add Z-axis label
f = # set fontsize # for all
b set fontweight as bold for all
grid grid on

You can produce a graph of sin function with line width of 3, x-axis label of
'theta', y-axis label of 'sin(theta)', graph title of 'Plot of sin(theta)' like this:
x = -pi:.1:pi;
y = sin(x);
yiplot('lw=3,x=\theta, y=sin(\theta), t=Plot of sin(\theta)', x, y)

Now set fontsize of x-label and y-label to 16, set fontsize of title to
yiplot('lw=3,x16=\theta, y16=sin(\theta),t20=Plot of sin(\theta)',x,y)

You can also add any arguments that you do in PLOT() command.
For example, you can plot red dashed line with star markers like this:
yiplot('lw=3,x16=\theta, y16=sin(\theta),t20=Plot of sin(\theta)',x,y,'*r--')

Copyright 2010 Y. Sui
$Date: 2010/9/15 $

See also plot, title, xlabel, ylabel, figure, subplot, grid.

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