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Satellite Orbit Computation

version (745 KB) by Charles Rino
Modified SGP4 code for GPS interface


Updated 18 Oct 2010

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A modified version of the SGP4 code used for standard satellite orbit computation using two-line elements (TLE). The modified code outputs satellite positions and velocity in ECF coordinates and universal time from EPOCH. Utilities are provided to calculate point-to-point angle, range rates, TCS positions, constant altitude intercepts and velocities. Outputs are collected in a structure and retained in a *.mat file for subsequent display and Beacon satellite data analysis applications. Documentation and examples are provided. Code uses GPS_CoordinateXform and IGRF utilities available from MATLAB Central.

Comments and Ratings (10)

Feng Yuan

Wes Baldwin

I tried running the GenerateSatelliteGeometry_DEMO and I too cannot run it because of a missing file, ecf2llhT. Has anyone been able to get this to run? Thank you.

priya pawar

Where can I get MATLAB code


Please retract the missing function comment. I had an error translating the pdf address in the readme file.


I came up with a missing function on line 89?


I would like to ask: in the sgp4 code, what are the units of the inputs? Also the code gives an error at line 151 because of the missing satellite number to be provided as input.
Thank you in advance!


Corrected error in satGEOM utility. SGP4 is unaffected.

Error corrected in function satGEOM. Only affects results that use magnetic field geometry.

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