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3D CT/MRI images interactive sliding viewer

version (4.41 KB) by Gang Wang
An interactive tool for users to browse through sagittal, axial and coronal views of CT/MRI images.


Updated 23 May 2011

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The function's input is just a 3D image. 3 orthogonal slice objects are created in a 3D space. You can grasp one image slice and move your mouse to see the changing image data on the slice. Their motions are confined to translations along the 3rd axis only. Thanks Anders Brun's contribution of moveit2 function on the motion.

While it is moving, the slice object's 'CData' member continuously updated with the image data overlapping with its current position.

Run the following codes to see how it works:

load mri;

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I have an error:
Field assignment to a non-structure
array object.

Error in moveitZ>startmovit (line 29)
gui.currenthandle = src;

Error while evaluating Surface ButtonDown

and this error is in the moveitx and moveity.
please guide me.

Do Huynh

Function did not work in R2015b.


There is some way to scroll through only the z axis and does not appear the x and y?


v. good


Very smooth/ fast movement of slices.
MoveIt functions do not catch out-of-bounds errors.


update my contact email

My file uses codes from 23304 Moveit2 by Anders Brun.
I would like to include him in my license.

My code is modified from this submission : ID 23304. I would like to include it in my license.

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