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Protection Level Toolbox

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Simulates protection levels for GPS precision approach and landing


Updated 29 Jan 2014

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Provides easy-to-use tool to evaluate protection levels that provide integrity to GNSS solutions for precision approach and landing

Begins with the vertical protection level (VPL) and horizontal protection level (HPL) of the type used in the U.S. Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). Illustrates computation of exact VPL and HPL values for the newer composite protection level, and provides less computationally-intensive approximations that over-bound these exact values.

Allows developer to evaluate new protection level types and compare them against known types.

Also implements exact and approximate methods of new composite radial protection level (RPLc) that may become useful in relative navigation, particularly with unmanned systems.

MATLAB command window simulation of a single GPS measurement epoch from the 24-satellite GPS constellation. User sets range-domain parameters for noise, bias, and residual ionospheric and tropospheric errors and observes how these errors translate into the position domain. May be used to support GNSS availability simulations (not included).

Provides useful algorithms and plots to the user for further development. Contains user quick start guide and extensive comments in the code.

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