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SimEvents: Operations Research Library

version (367 KB) by Rick Rosson
Add-on library for SimEvents® that provides blocks for modeling operations research systems.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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NEW: Updated for R2015a.
NEW: Example demonstrating the Reorder Point method.

The library consists of a top-level SimEvents library called


eight sub-libraries:

1. se4_batching.slx,
2. se4_conveyor.slx,
3. se4_math.slx,
4. se4_utilities.slx,
5. se4_DateTime.slx,
6. se4_subsystem.slx
7. se4_examples.slx,
8. se4_test.slx,

five test bench models:

1. test_accumulate.slx,
2. test_batching.slx,
3. test_conveyor.slx,
4. test_DateTime_days.slx, and
5. test_DateTime_minutes.slx.

and three example models:

1. Goldratt_Dice.slx
2. Job_Shop.slx
3. Reorder_Point.slx

Revision 08 (R2015a) - September 30, 2015

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Rick Rosson (2020). SimEvents: Operations Research Library (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Rafa Juarez

I am trying to create a model of a paralell car storage in an automotive factory and I don' t know how to apply a technical availability to each server. I add the cycle time or servcie time for each car but I would like to ass the TAV to simulate breakdowns causing a reduction of the number of entities served. If there any example for this kind of models to help me?

Simple example should be how to create a production line with and automation. This automation will have a cycle time per car and suddnely a breakdwon could occur. How it is modeled?

Many thanks.

Rick Rosson

I am currently evaluating SimEvents R2016b.

Rick Rosson

I have no plans at this time to update this content to the new SimEvents (R2016a). I will re-evaluate this decision after MathWorks releases R2016b.

Is there a chance you will update this for the new simevents (2016A)? I would love to use this functionality in a project.

Wei Li

Nice work my friend! You might consider a version that releases the batch as individual entities instead of combined (or make it an option in the mask). You also could eliminate the need for the Time-Based Entity Generator upstream if you had a dialog option that specified the frequency of batching.


Updated license

Updated for R2015a. Added a new example demonstrating the Reorder Point method.

Updated for R2014a. Sub-library containing example models. Two example models:

Correction: Updating requirements field to MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

1. Updated to R2013b.
2. Updated to .slx file format.
3. Additional sub-library for date/time conversions.

Upgrading the libraries and test benches to R2011b.

Reorganized library into four sub-libraries. Added new blocks for 'zero-protected divide' and 'event-driven cumulative time average'

Added three new blocks to the library: Accumulate, Disaccumlate, and Entity Subsystem. Updated files to R2011a. Fixed a few minor issues with the test bench models. Renamed the "LittlesLaw.mdl" simulation to "test_conveyor.mdl".

Corrected typo in the description: revision date should be "2011" not "2010"

Added a new block to represent conveyor belts in the library. Added a new demo illustrating 'Little's Law'.

Updated the description to include advantages and limitations. Also added Simulink to the list of required products.

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