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Add a background gradient to plots

version (3.38 KB) by Michelle Hirsch
Add a background gradient to plot axes to make them look a little fancy.


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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The picture pretty much says it all. This is a simple function for adding a nice looking background gradient on your plots. It's useful for making things look a little fancy.
Note: The author does not condone the fancification of plots to make up for a complete lack of substance!

Good luck :)

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Cool idea, Weidong. I don't have time to work on this but I welcome a pull request on GitHub from anybody who wants to take a stab at it.

weidong Li

It is wonderful. Is it likely to make the gradient varying diagonally from the origin to the max. X and Y?


Luca Broggi

Really useful!

Interesting, Yasser. I'm having a hard time picturing how this would work for 3D plots. Do you envision gradients along the box boundaries, or perhaps a transparent cube with a gradient, or maybe something else?



would it be possible to make it for 3D plots?


All - Jan pointed out the issue to me, where the gradient covered everything else in your plot. I posted the update to GitHub.

Hmmm, this is working fine for me. Are you using the version from GitHub? I updated it last June.

If you are using the latest version and still having issues, please let me know what error message you get.

Here's a direct link to the GitHub repository:

Please can you adapt your function for R2014b? Your example doesn't work:


Re-hosted on GitHub.

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