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XY 3D Density Plot (for two-class data)

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Visualize the density of points described by two variables X and Y, as a smoothed 3D surface plot.


Updated 19 Jan 2011

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XY3DDensityPlotView is used to visualize the density of points described by two variables X and Y, as a surface plot. This may be useful when points are densely packed and overlapping, as in this case a scatterplot may be limited in revealing their actual distribution.

The XY data must be labelled, each data point belonging to one of two classes (e.g. positive and negative). A surface is produced on the density of points in each class, and the two surfaces are shown together on the same axes.

Interface controls are provided to interactively refine smoothing parameters. Two smoothing methods are provided, Eiler and Filter, which give a slightly different effect in terms of the surface produced.


XY3DDensityPlotView(x, y, removeOutliers, xLabels)


This example uses the demo data provided in the source files.

load('demo data.mat');
app = XY3DDensityPlotView(data.x, data.y, true, {'Var1', 'Var2'});
app.applySettings(500, 'Filter', 20);

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Jaspar Cahill (2021). XY 3D Density Plot (for two-class data) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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