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Kernel estimate for (Conditional) Mutual Information

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Estimates Mutual Information and Conditional Mutual Information between continuous random variables


Updated 09 Apr 2011

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Mutual information I(X,Y) measures the degree of dependence (in terms of probability theory) between two random variables X and Y. Is is non-negative and equal to zero when X and Y are mutually independent. Conditional mutual information I(X,Y|Z) is the expected value of I(X,Y) given the value of Z.

Data is first copula-transformed, then marginal and joint probability distributions are estimated using Gaussian kernels.

Useful in construction and verification of gene regulatory networks (see e.g. given gene expression data. This quantity is robust and can trace non-linear dependencies and indirect interactions in data.

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凡 张

thanks for your sharing,it's very helping.but i want to ask how to set the kernel width?


Could some one please tell me what "ind - subset of data on which to estimate MI" means? If I have single column vector y and single column vector x, how can I decide ind, if I want to calculate the MI between y and x data sets. Thanks


Are the units of the output in bits, or log base e?


Thanks a lot for the great work :)


Is there a paper to reference for the use of these functions?

Thanks for the great work!


mohammed ali


Hi Mikhail! Thank you for the submisssion, it's a clearly written function that works like charm!

I was wondering if you could refer me to an article on how to set kernel width? I see that you provide a default method, which is pretty good already, but I want to learn more. Thanks!


If you have a vector of states X, build a histogram of it p=hist(X, number_of_states)/number_of_states. Then simply use h=-p*log(p)'

Liu Guo

Thank you for sharing it,And i want to kown how to compute entropy for one vector?

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