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Creates patch(es) of a user-specified color at user-specified x- y- positions.

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Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Paint individual pixels or matrix coordinates in the current axes!

Creates patches on the current axes corresponding to the x-,y- positions specified by vectors XPOS and YPOS, of a color specified by COLOROPT default: 'r'). Uses the PATCH command, so is constrained by anything that constrains patches.

XPOS is a vector of x (column) positions.
YPOS is a vector (the same length as XPOS) of y (row) positions.
COLOROPT is an RGB color or standard string recognized as a color by MATLAB. (Default = 'r').

P is a vector of handles to patch objects. (Note that all patches are created, for convenience, with a tag of 'colorpixel'.) All patches are modifiable using the handles to the patch objects.

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Brett Shoelson (2020). COLORPIXEL (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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