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Draw matching lines between corresponding points in two image. Useful for SIFT feature matching.



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This function plots coresponding points between two images. It is pretty useful (at least for me) in visual debugging for matching feature points, such as SURF or SIFT features.

h = match_plot(img1,img2,points1,points2)

points1 = [x1 y1; x2 y2; ...] = coresponding points in img1
points2 = [x1 y1; x2 y2; ...] = coresponding points in img2

origin is the top left of the image
x axis pointing right, y axis pointing down.
points2 has to be the same size as points1.

if two images have different size, the smaller one is rescaled.

coresponding lines are plot in different colors, from red to blue in
rainbow order.

returns the figure handle object h.

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MK (view profile)

please give me an example for this function usage


Judy (view profile)

Thank you very much!!

abidi hajer

thank you very much!! so interresting


Yang (view profile)

Thank you very much!

Li yang Ku

Li yang Ku (view profile)

If any one is interested in matching SURF points between 2 images, I wrote a tutorial using this function and the SURFmex library.

Li Li

Li Li (view profile)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired: Object Matching

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