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Inversion every 2D slice for arbitrary Multi-dimension array.

version (2.37 KB) by Xiaodong
Inverse every 2D slice for an arbitrary N-D array (M).


Updated 27 Apr 2011

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Inverse every 2D matrix slice (the first two dimensions) for multi-dimensional array M:
M(:,:,p,q,...) * X(:,:,p,q,...) = repmat(eye(m),[1,1,p,q,...]),
where input M is a N-D array (m x m x [p x q x ...]), for all possible m=1,2,3,...
and optional higher dimensions. Output X array has the same size as M.

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Pi Ting


Antonio Mei

Terrific work and thanks for sharing! Do you have a similar function for determinants of nxnxp matrices?


Hi llan, can you comment on the error message for what was not working? This program is optimized for this specific task in terms of performance and memory consumption. It may have a warning which can be ignored if you use integers for all array elements, but I don't find any other issues so far. For example, to produce the warning:

>> A=ones(3,3,20,200);
>> B=multinv(A);
Warning: Matrix is singular to working precision.
> In multinv (line 73)


Does not work on matlab 2015b

Yuan Zhou


Rajab Legnain

Hi Sir

It is early a great function.
Thanks for sharing.

This program works GREAT! It greatly improved the speed of my codes that require inversion of matrices of functions. I use it with mtimesx. Thanks for your effort on this code, Xiaodong.

Thank you for your comment on

Your function is quite useful as it is. However, to be compatible with MULTIPROD, and to meet the requirements to be an ARRAYLAB function, it should work with any block array of square matrices, not only with those containing square matrices along their first two dimensions. Thus, it should have a syntax similar to MULTITRANSP (provided together with MULTIPROD).

My best regards.

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