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Copies axes from existing figures into a single new figure window.

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Updated 20 Mar 2003

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This is an "after the fact" way to use SUBPLOT. For example:

close('all'), ezplot('sin(t)')
figure, ezplot('cos(t)')
figure, ezplot('sin(t)+cos(t)')
combplot(1:3,[3 1])

This puts three plots into a vertical orientation in a new figure.

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Toby Driscoll (2021). combplot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Bob photonics

Because of having legends I get this error

Error using
A legend must be copied with its associated axes. Use a vector input with COPYOBJ in order
to copy the legend and axes together.

Error in combplot (line 38)
h = copyobj(c(1),onefig);

Pablo Pablo

just what I was looking for!!!

Ferit Akgul

Using the command "legend" after a plot forces combplot to copy the legend object only for that figure. Hence the output of combplot is the specified matrix of legends, not the figures

Candy Wei

Easy to use!

Tro Han

Simple tool to post-analyze multiple plots...

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Compatible with any release
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