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Zero Crossing Rate

version (1.24 KB) by Jose R Zapata
Calculates the Zero Crossing Rate for a array of values, work for vector and matrix


Updated 03 Jun 2011

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Zero Crossing Rate
Works for vector and matrix
Vectorized function,very fast

if x is a Vector returns the zero crossing rate of the vector
Ex: x = [1 2 -3 4 5 -6 -2 -6 2];
y = ZCR(x) -> y = 0.444

if x is a matrix returns a row vector with the zero crossing rate of
the columns values

By: Jose Ricardo Zapata
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

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Kwaku Owusu

Hi Jose,

Please, I have an acoustic signal and I would like to find the ZCR of the signal. I realised ZCR function is not in Matlab.
I tried your code but seems to give an error message. Please, any help.

Thank you.

Yingming Gao

Rownaq Tahia


very neat, thanks! if x is a matrix, and number of cols > number of rows, length(x) is incorrect. here's a bugfix for that, with some additional asserts. :)

function y = zcr(x)
assert( ismatrix(x) );

[M,N] = size(x);

if isvector(x)
L = length(x);
assert( M>=2 && N>=2 );
L = M;
assert( L >= 1 );

y = sum(abs(diff(x>0))) / L;



Thank you for this post. Very efficient.
I have an addition, if you replace x>0, by x>threshold, you can use a threshold for hysteresis. So for example if threshold == 10, a crossing will only be detected if the signal went from -10 to +10 or +10 to -10.


Nice neat implementation, thanks for uploading

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