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Minimize/maximize figure window

version (2.55 KB) by Nikolay S.
Similar to figure function. Resizes figure window to full screen/default dims.


Updated 14 Jun 2011

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This functions wraps Matlab figure function, allowing the user to set the figure size to one of the two following states- full screen or non full screen (figure default). As figure function results with non-maximized dimensions, the default in this function if full screen figure (otherwise there is no reason to use this function). It also can be used to resize the figure, in a manner similar to clicking the "Maximize"/"Restore down" button with the mouse.
All Figure Properties acceptable by figure function are supported by this function as well.
Based on hidden Matlab features described at:

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Nikolay S. (2019). Minimize/maximize figure window (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Works well!

Yueyin Zhou

fabulous function! great job!

Ali Baig

This works well for me. Thank you @Nikolay S.

this worked well for me. thanks


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