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Face Recognition System Using Kekre Transform

version (1.08 MB) by Pavan Bhat
This code will provide you with feature extraction using Kekre Transform for Face Recognition.


Updated 21 Jul 2011

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This Face Recognition System uses Kekre Transform for Face recognition depicted through a GUI.This GUI depicts the face recognition system developed through feature extraction by Kekre Transform Algorithm. There are several functions that are provided using the GUI such as the view testbase and database tabs which can be used to view the folder in which the test images or the query images are stored. The Detect similar Face tab displays the result by obtaining the recognized image. Also, the Profile button can be used to display the profile of the authenticated user for identification purposes. And finally the Help tab can be used to follow the instructions and to solve any difficulty using the GUI of the Face Recognition System.

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Pavan Bhat (2021). Face Recognition System Using Kekre Transform (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

Vincent Rougeau-Moss

The code could not be executed at the beginning because of the part related to the opening of the images (possible because I use Linux). There is no comment in "olc1.m" which is the main part of the code ("Face.m" is only for the GUI). It takes a while to read the code to understand it.
Nevertheless, the method works, but we must use the lowest distance for the correspondence and not the second lowest distance. Overall, it gives a better result (and more logic) if you take the lowest distance for choosing the image for the match. The loop made at the end of the code "olcl1.m" is also useless.

bo wu



Quite complex to use!

Richard DeLuca

Raed AlKhatib

Hi Pavan Bhat I need to direct me how I can run the code Face Recognition System Using Kekre Transform I still cannot run it ok

malcom masimba

how did the images get processed for the kekre transform classification? how can i use my own images for the same system? please can i get a response immediately trying to use the code for my own project.

Sai charan Nulla

im currently working on project, face recognition using sift algorithm, can you send me sift code ?

xu liu

Mr Smart

Pavan Bhat

To all those who consider to use this code remember to run the code using the Face.m file as it is the main function.

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Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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