Simulink Support for Kinect

Simulink Support for Kinect is a set of Simulink blocks interfaced with OpenNI and Kinect SDK.
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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Simulink Support for Kinect consists of IMAQ, Image, IR, Depth, Motion and Skeleton blocks to achieve real-time image data acquisition from Kinect devices such as Microsoft Kinect or ASUS Xtion PRO under Simulink simulation environment.
It works with 32bit/64bit version of MATLAB R2010b or later in Windows7 32bit/64bit and it requires the following 3rd party software:
[C MEX Compiler]
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition (VC++)
- Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1

[To use OpenNI]
- OpenNI
- PrimeSense NITE
- PrimeSensor Module

[To use Microsoft Kinect SDK ]
- Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK v1.6

For more detailed information, please refer to document in the zip file and help of the blocks.

[Optional MATLAB products]
- Computer Vision System Toolbox (highly recommended)
- DSP System Toolbox (to acquire Kinect Microphone Array data)
- Simulink Coder (to generate *.exe file)

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Takashi Chikamasa (2024). Simulink Support for Kinect (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2010b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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Version Published Release Notes

Updated license

What's new in 0.6.1
- Support Simulink Coder packNGo feature

What's new in 0.6.0
- Just changed package name to Simulink Support for Kinect (formerly, called Simulink for NID)

What's new in 0.5.2
- Support Kinect SDK 1.6 new features
(Extended depth, Infrared camera)

What's new in 0.5.1
- Kinect sensor angle could be changed during simulation
- Added new parameters on IMAQ block

What's new in 0.4.2
- Support Kinect SDK for Windows v1.5 and its new features and more.

What's new in 0.4.1
- Support Kinect tilt angle acquisition feature on IMAQ block.
- Added samples to show how to access Skeleton data.

What's new in 0.4.0 (02/07/2012)
- Support Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK in addition to OpenNI as NID SDK
- Added demos using Kinect Microphone Array (DSP System Toolbox is required)

-Support 64bit MATLAB
-Support both of pose less/PSI pose calibration for skeleton tracking
-Added new computer vision demos

Support QVGA(320x240): 60FPS for NID IMAQ in addtion to VGA(640x480): 30FPS.
Note that QVGA(320x240): 60FPS is supported by only ASUS Xtion PRO series devices.

Updated to ver. 0.3.0.