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MIDAS 2010

version (4.9 MB) by Ferenc
Mid-Infrared Data Analysis Software 2010 A Matlab Package for 2D IR Spectroscopy Analysis


Updated 29 Jul 2011

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MIDAS 2010 is a package developed in the Canadian Light Source for 2D spectroscopic analysis and data exploration of time resolved infrared spectra.

- calculate and plot synchronous and asychronous 2D spectra, and one dimensional slices
- design and apply filters

For further information and usage guidelines refer to the users manual.

The package was developed by Elise Normand.

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Where can I find the user manual?

meng sdok

I meet problem when running MIDAS 2010. It shows Open Plot Tools and still not complete for not long time after I load the data file. Could you guide what can I do on this?


It's cool project. I'm trying...But bug report:
In your loadfile.m line31, it writes:

line31: [pathstr, name, ext, versn] = fileparts(filename);

but on recently released Matlabs (at least 2011b), that line of code produces error. Since newer version of Matlab only returns 3 outputs for the fileparts.m file.
Syntax: [pathstr,name,ext] = fileparts(filename).

I check your fileload.m and found the output variable 'versn' is never used and think it could be simply deleted.

To make it right, simply change line #31 into
[pathstr, name, ext] = fileparts(filename);
I'm not sure if it will cause any problem for some "old" Matlab.

Cool app. Thx.


excellent work


It was a summer student's project for a few months. This is actually the second version during the second summer, completely rewritten from the first.

Indeed I was very impressed with her work.


This is one of the most comprehensive MATLAB submission I've seen...detailed work and very good user manual. Thanks bro.
[PS: Did create this as part of a Masters or PhD work?]

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