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Function to return separate correct lists of input and output soundcard boards.


Updated 16 Apr 2003

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There is an assumption made in the DAQ Toolbox that input and output devices are in the same order.

If you have more than one playback/recording device available in the windows multimedia settings in control panel, and you change the order, you will have a problem if the two lists do not match.

The Data Aquisition toolbox assumes the outputs are the same as the inputs.

Try selecting different preferred devices for playback and recording in multimedia settings.

Now try the following:

info = daqhwinfo('winsound')
ai = analoginput('winsound',0)
ao = analogoutput('winsound',0)

Notice that although you appear to have selected the same device for both input and output, if you look at the summary reports, they are different.

There's the problem. It will happen whenever the two lists in Multimedia settings for preferred playback/recording device are different.

WINSOUNDHWINFO is a function that will return separate lists of the actual input and output devices available along with the correct boardIDs. I have also included the constructors so that it returns the same info as daqhwinfo.

This function also returns the original daqhwinfo fields for compatibility.

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