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OCR Urdu Compound Optical Character Recognition code and Thesis

version (13.9 MB) by zaheer ahmad
Optical Character Recognition(OCR) for Urdu & Arabic compound characters using Neural Netwrok


Updated 27 Aug 2011

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It is an OCR system for compound Urdu/Arabic Character recognition. all the necessary code with images are included in the zip file beside the thesis based on this code can also be found in the pdf the softare using ImProc.m or ImProcWithoutNet.m. kindly try your best before queries.

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zaheer ahmad (2020). OCR Urdu Compound Optical Character Recognition code and Thesis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (26)

nor azam

Hi zaheer ahmad, my i know if this code can be used for evaluating islamic calligraphy too?

Amber Warsi

Ali Mohsin

thank u it is great work >>> but i want to convert it to text file after recognition >>> can u help me to do that ??

zaheer ahmad

Monika, readme is always the main file :) other files to run the software are ImProc.m or ImProcWithoutNet.m.

which is the main file????

zaheer ahmad

please run from
ImProc.m = it will segment, train and show the results
ImProcWithoutNet.m = it will segment and show the results

Duc Hoang


thank you for your code
i'm work in Quran Ocr ,but im junior in ocr ..

so i want to look in your code ,, but i have error
"Unable to read file netH2000out6Target000001: No such file or directory."
the file "netH2000out6Target000001 " have error type .00001??!
can give me correct one

zaheer ahmad

my email is

Thank u for providing this code. if there will be any query then how to contact you? Please provide your e-mail id.

Arooj Zahra

Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir
I got a project from my university so i need ur help.. can u pls provide ur email, so i can furter communicate with you

zaheer ahmad

@Nomi,It would work without any changes but the result might not be good. That would also depend on the fonts and its size.But fonts that have curves and 'change its line width' would suit. I never tried to optimize it for English, so dont know much.


@zaheer ahmed. how your ocr is worked for english? i mean what changes i have to do?

ruba mfarij

Thank you very much

zaheer ahmad

Fatima Ali...its free and you can download the code from here. I checked and its downloadable. the code is in the main folder with character images. Sort on or search for .m files with the folder.

fatima ali

Thank you zaheer ahmad
I need necessary for this program you downloaded but compressed file contains a thesis only
Is it possible to get the code Free or selling
And how they can communicate with you

zaheer ahmad

Fatima Ali, I dont follow... what do you mean ?

fatima ali

How do you get and how much is the price tag code

maham Khan

Nice work!

sajaad lone



thank you

nice work

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