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A MATLAB package for metabolical modeling, analysis and optimization.

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Updated 06 May 2003

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MetMAP is a MATLAB Toolbox for Metabolical Modeling, Analysis and oPtimization (Met. M. A. P.).
You can use this package to study metabolical systems from a theoretical point of view, analysing the pathway's structure and dynamics, but you can also use it for biotechnological purposes, evaluating optimal solutions in a genetical improvement process.
All this calculations are evaluated using the S-System formalism (a part of Biochemical Systems Theory, BST) and the Indirect Optimization Method (IOM, developed by Torres, Voit et al).
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Dale Clifford

Methodologies uses cascaded ode's to calculate and graph. Assumes kinetic rate constants and powers are related through the first derivative of exp. as does most linear differential equations. Outstanding package for some pretty deep work. If reader is interested should consult "Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems" by Voit a very complete discription and more important how to connect the feedback loops in a devisive manner. Matlabs optimization toolbox can be used to calculate the desired quantities, once the constraints have been defined.


A new version of package, where we have changed the file make_project.m

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