imread for multiple life science image file formats

imports images and metadata using the LOCI Bioformats package


Updated 13 Sep 2013

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Detailed tutorial of imreadBF:

Imports formats from Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, MetaMorph and others via BioFormats

Amongst others, following formats are supported:
lsm, zvi, ics, nd2, pic, dv, img, tif,

imreadBF loads multiple user-defined image slices at once.

You can load multiple z and t slices at once, e.g. zplanes=[1 2 5] loads first,second and fifth z-slice in a 3D-Stack.

imreadBFmeta returns corresponding metadata.

To use the functions, you have to download loci_tools.jar here:

make sure to have copied the file loci_tools.jar, in the folder where the
function is placed

modified from bfopen.m

More information about BioFormats:

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Christoph Moehl (2023). imread for multiple life science image file formats (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2009b
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added link to tutorial on image processing blog

updated metadata import

files were completed

path of loci_tools.jar is now added automatically (code was copied from bfopen.m)