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Radar plot

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Updated 05 Oct 2011

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Shrey Jain


it can not work correctly. i wrote your small demo and cross with the following error:
??? Attempted to access r(2);
index out of bounds because

Error in ==> pol2cart at 22
x = r(2).*cos(th);

Error in ==> radarPlot at 63
[mx, my] = pol2cart(
th(1, j), 1.1);

Zafar Ali

How to change variables values for x1, x2,....etc with our own variable names?

homa rashidisabet

please help me with the inputs of the function. What is the "varargin"?

henyan deng

Zara Visanji

Hi, How do I change the point names. Currently they read x1 = ..., x2= ... however I need them to be labelled.

Sanjeev Goyal

Thanks for your posting,

I am stuck with the following error:

Not enough input arguments.

Error in radarPlot (line 14)
[M, N] = size(P,varargin);

Christos Galinos

Mr Smart

Sav Deb

I need a help.

How can I set the scale for radar plot to better visualize point positions along a radar axis?

Thank you


David Said

%% A small demo for this file

nPoints = 4;
nDimensions = 6;
P = rand(nDimensions, nPoints);
pointNames = arrayfun( @(i)sprintf('p_{%d}', i),...
1:nPoints, 'UniformOutput', false);

radarPlot(P, 'o:','LineWidth', 1.5, 'MarkerFaceColor', [0,0,0])
legend(pointNames{:}, 'Location', 'Best');
title('Radar Plot Demo');

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