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Convert to Cursor

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Converts image files to cursor CData.

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Updated 28 Apr 2003

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Use a standard paint program like paint shop pro to edit your icons, save them in a MATLAB compatible format (bmp, png, jpeg, etc..)

Use White [RGB(255,255,255)] for areas you want white.

Use Black [RGB(0,0,0)] for areas you want black.

All other colors will be made transparent.


i = imread('mycursor.bmp');
CData = ConvertToCursor(i);

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Richard Medlock (2020). Convert to Cursor (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Reza Jahanbin

Alternatively you can avoid the double loop and reduce the code to the following line:

c2c = nan(size(i,1), size(i,2)); c2c(sum(i, 3)==765) = 2; c2c(sum(i, 3)==0) = 1;

tgy tyg


Muhammad Abu E

it is a tooooooooooo greate

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