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Zero-Based Indexable Arrays (OOP Exercise)

version (3.94 KB) by Matt J
Creates arrays whose indexing starts from zero instead of one.


Updated 16 Oct 2011

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I created this class of zero-indexable arrays purely as a fun OOP exercise, in reaction to various Newsgroup threads inquiring about zero-indexable matrix types for MATLAB. Even though I've gone to the trouble to overload many methods for the class, I offer it as a toy, nothing more, and strongly urge you not to use it for anything serious.



where B is a normal MATLAB matrix will cast B to A, which is exactly
the same, except that it is 0-based indexed instead of 1-based.



A =

0.7922 0.0357 0.6787
0.9595 0.8491 0.7577
0.6557 0.9340 0.7431


ans =



It works for sparse matrices to, and will even display at the command line
with zero-based indexing display syntax, e.g.,

>> A=ZeroBased(speye(3))

A =

(0,0) 1
(1,1) 1
(2,2) 1

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