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Bisection Method

version (1.23 KB) by Brato CHAKRABARTI
A very simple piece of code to solve a equation. But may come handy at times.


Updated 12 Nov 2011

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The equation is of form, f(x) = 0. Provide the function, 'f' and provide two guesses. If the guesses are not according to bisection rule a message will be displayed on the screen.

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kagan ozdemir

Nathan Allen

Samuel Nordvall

Andrew Charles


Segundo Urraza Atue

sarah abdelfattah

Jenny Khan

Just okey

Pradipta Ghosh

Danylo Geidiuk

Kameka Claffey

xinyu fan

Daniela Bino

Gyan Swarup Nag

Erik Hoberg

Faisal Alessa

muazam ali

shivam gaur

RJ Lluisma

Thank you very much Brato! Its very useful code. Saves a lot of time : )

Justin: The way to use this code is as follows (the way I used it)
lets say we are required to find the value of x in equation x2 -2x =2
Lets say our initilal extreme guesses are 0 and 4

eqn= @(x) (x^2)-2*x-2;
answer= bisection(eqn,0,4);

I hope it helps!

Adam Massias

Romina Mir

Nuria Ortiz

Michael Kusaba

Justin Covington

For example, if my function is x^2, where do I define x?

Justin Covington

Where do I enter the limits and the function?


very useful

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Inspired: Bisection Method Root Finding

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