Apply multiple functions in a single function.

version (3.65 KB) by Nikolay S.
Allows the user to apply functions to inputs, with various input-output combination's.


Updated 15 Nov 2011

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This function can be very handy. Consider a case where you wish to analyze data, with different functions. In order to do so, you must write many code lines where you apply
all the functions to the data. And this process tends to repeat itself for several data elements, and with varying functions. Now you can apply any function of your choice
(both Matlab and user custom) to any number of inputs with a single line command [out1,out2,out3...]=funXapply(in1,in2,in3...,{'func1','func2',...});
As an author I shouldn't say this, but this is awesome! I intend to use it all over my code from now on.

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Nikolay S. (2022). Apply multiple functions in a single function. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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