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version (2.18 KB) by Michael Robbins
Creates a graph and a data table below it. The table is put in an activex control using the column.


Updated 12 Jun 2003

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Creates a graph and a data table below it.
the table is put in an activex control using
the column labels colhead

This function is meant to be an example for CSSM and not
to be used as is.

It is meant to demonstrate ActiveX grid usage and works with
MSFLEXGRID (which comes with Windows and doesn't allow editing)
and SIMPLE GRID (which is available for free at ).

Use 'SGRID' for the whichgrid parameter to use
simple grid, but you must first you must download it from the above
website and register it. To register, find sgrid.ocx by clicking on
the windows start button and selecting "find". Change your directory
to its directory and type "regsvr32 sgrid.ocx"
___________________ ____________________
| /\ | | /\ | X Y ##
| /\ / \/\ /| | || || 1 1.0 ##
| / \/ \_/\/ | ||\ ||/\|| 2 1.5 ##
|_/_________________| || | | ||| 3 2.0 ##
| X Y || || |/ | 4 1.6 ##
| 1 1.0 || || | 5 2.0 ||
| 2 1.5 ## | | 6 2.5 ||
|__3__2.0__________|| |_________|__7__2.3_||

horizontal split vertical split

x x data [1:10]
y y data rand(size(x));
colhead table header {'X','Y'};
vertorhoriz vert or horiz split 0 %(vertical)
figuretitle figure title 'graph_and_table'
whichgrid MSFlexGrid or Simple Grid 'MSFlexGrid'

h.fig handle to figure
h.graph handle to graph
h.line handle to data line
h.grid handle to grid object

vertorhoriz=0; % vertical
vertorhoriz=1; % horizontal


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Michael Robbins (2021). graph_and_table (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (13)


Is this control still available for free download? If so can you tell me where I might find it? I found a download at for around $93.00. Or is there a better method now, 7 years later? Thanks.

Yingyong Chen

I have tried using the matlab uitable object to house the data, it prints, but it will always go out of position when being printed since the table is hard anchored on the figure and moves to unintended location when it prints due to resizing issue.

Yingyong Chen

Good work, however the same problem as Eric was pointing out that the grid does NOT print out, which makes it not quite as useful as it could be, as I have been looking hard for a solution in matlab to display tabulated data.

Teguh Purnama Sidiq

very usefull, but unfortunately this error occur when i tried to run the program:

??? Error using ==> actxcontrol
Control creation failed. Invalid ProgID 'MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid.1'

Error in ==> graph_and_table at 148
h.grid = actxcontrol(...



said lahyani

hi i want to learn about matlab

zara laoure

Error in ==> two_axes_export>gui_mainfcn at 477
gui_hFigure = feval(gui_State.gui_LayoutFcn, gui_SingletonOpt);

Error in ==> two_axes_export at 41
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

??? Undefined command/function 'actxcontrol'.

Error in ==> graph_and_table at 148
h.grid = actxcontrol(...


trash zone

i need command to build graph using mfc.

Eric Shain

I can get it to work with MSFlexGrid, but when I print the figure, only the graph prints. The table doesn't print nor is it visible with a print preview. If I can't print the figure, it definitely makes it less useful.

Raúl Herrrera Avelar

Dear Michael Robbins,
I need help to made selection in control MS FlexGrid to save this how new variable. If you can say me where check properties, methods and actions of control.

Thank you

Xenya Petrova

1. got a question: how to you make msflexgrid run on the machine where you've got no vb or ms vc? it looks like simply registering an ocx is not enough.
2. why do you think that flexgrid allows no editing? you just write down a keydown and keypressed events and to it yourself.
3. thanks! was a real pleasure to play with your proggy

John Robinson

Slick. One bug - the sgrid "font" property wants to be a handle, not a string. Not sure how to get around this now, so just commented that line (line 175) out of the sample. Also , formulas do not us the "=" token as in excel - e.g. a formula like "=A1+1" in excel would be written as "A1+1" in sgrid. Otherwise pretty cool.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R13
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: Keydown and Keypressed Events Demo

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