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version (3.8 KB) by Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz
Mardia's multivariate skewness and kurtosis coefficients and its hypotheses testing.


Updated 02 Oct 2007

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Calculates the Mardia's multivariate skewness and kurtosis coefficients as well as their corresponding statistical tests. For large sample size the multivariate skewness is asymptotically distributed as a Chi-square random variable; here it is corrected for small sample size. Likewise, the multivariate kurtosis it is distributed as a unit-normal.

X - multivariate data matrix [Size of matrix must be n(data)-by-p (variables)].
c - normalizes covariance matrix by n (c=1[default]) or by n-1 (c~=1)
alpha - significance level (default = 0.05).

-Complete statistical analysis table of both multivariate Mardia's skewness and kurtosis.
-Chi-square quantile-quantile (Q-Q) plot of the squared Mahalanobis distances of the observations from the mean vector.
-The file ask you whether or not are you interested to label the n data points on the Q-Q plot:
Are you interested to explore all the n data points? (y/n):

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Michael Hamman

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Text was improved.

Chi-square Q-Q plot of the squared Mahalanobis distances of the observations from the mean vector and the n point labels were added.

Version 2.0. Copyright. September 30, 2007
-- This new version normalizes covariance matrix by n or n-1 (n=number of observations).
The previous version 1.0, normalized covariance matrix only by n-1 --

Text was improved.

It was added an appropriate format to cite this file.

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