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The Brick Toolbox is a set of utility functions for Matlab.


Updated 30 Jan 2021

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The Brick toolbox is a set of handy general functions aimed at making
Matlab programming faster and more convenient.

While a number of them are simple shortcuts that avoid always rewriting
the same pieces of code, the toolbox also includes advanced mathematical
functions and GUI interfaces, yet in the general spirit that these
functions should be usefull in a wide range of contexts.

Type `help brick` for a fast function reference. Type `doc` for more help, then go to 'Supplemental Software' > 'Brick Toolbox'.

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Thomas Deneux (2021). thomasdeneux/brick (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

Thomas Deneux

Thanks for the comment, it's a shame i did not know about BSXFUN!
It is true that the help of functions is not always meaningful.
I hope that you will find other functions interesting than fn_disp and fn_add...


I've inspected fn_disp and fn_add only.
While I see the advantage of fn_disp compare to disp when I read the code, the help section is meaningless.
fn_add can be made more efficient and powerful by using BSXFUN.

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