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Fancy DualGraphs

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Create double axis to use with matlab plotting tools, and automatically draw markers.


Updated 23 Apr 2012

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Most dual axis functions take the data to be plot as arguments, thus, losing the flexibility given by existing plotting functions. Moreover, they are not suited for Black/White printing.

Fancy DualGraphs separates the dual-axis feature, from plotting, so you can keep using your plotting tools and options, but in a dual axis fashion. Moreover, it has the option of adding elliptical markers onto data, pointing to the proper axis. This improves the readibility, mainly in B/W prints.

The horizontal position of the markers, as well as their size, are configurable in a simple and documented fashion.

The code of the screenshot is as simple as follows

[ax] = dualCreate();

% Left axis
plot(ax(1), x, y1)
ylabel(ax(1),'Output 1')

% Right axis
plot(ax(2), x, y2,'g')
hold(ax(2), 'on')
plot(ax(2), x, y3,'r')

ylabel(ax(2),'Output 2')

% Figure parameters
legend('Line 1','Line 2','Line 3')

% Finalize graph
dualFinalize(ax, [0.2 0.8], 0.1,[1 -1]);

% Some makeup

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Inspired by: Draw two figures with separate x and y axis

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