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YUV files reading and converting

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Functions for manipulating YCbCr (also known as "YUV") sequences


Updated 27 Apr 2012

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For YUV sequences comparison the Quality Assessment toolbox is required. For sequence rescaling and when rescaling chromas (e.g. conversion from 4:4:4 to 4:2:2) Matlab Image Processing Toolbox function imresize is used.

divide_seq - Divides YUV sequence into segments
mm_seq - Converts video file into raw YCbCr format
read_floatframe - Reads and displays frame values stored as a stream of float numbers
rgb2yuv - Converts RGB to YUV
save_yuvframe - Saves selected frame from yuv sequence to image file
scale_seq - Scales YUV sequence
seq_frames - Returns the number of frames in YUV sequence file
shift_seq - Artificially shifts a sequence in a defined direction by any displacement
write_floatframe - Stores matrix in a file as a stream of float numbers
yuv2avi - Imports YUV sequence and saves it as AVI
yuv2rgb - Converts YUV to RGB
yuv_compare - Compares two YUV sequences by computing PSNR
yuv_export - Exports YUV sequence
yuv_import - Imports YUV sequence
yuv_range - Computes the range of samples in YUV sequence

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Inspired: YUV processing tool for Matlab R2015

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