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Interpolation Utilities

version (49.7 KB) by Joe Henning
A variety of 1-D interpolation utilities


Updated 15 Nov 2020

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This zip file contains functions related to 1-D interpolation:
1) analyticint.m performs piecewise analytic interpolation
2) baryinv.m performs barycentric interpolation with inverse distance weighting
3) barylag.m performs barycentric lagrange interpolation
4) bulirschstoer.m performs performs rational Bulirsch-Stoer interpolation
5) cakima.m performs piecewise cubic Akima interpolation
6) cbezier.m performs piecewise cubic Bezier spline interpolation
7) chermite.m performs piecewise cubic Hermite spline interpolation
8) constint performs piecewise constant interpolation
9) cosint.m performs piecewise cosine interpolation
10) cspline.m performs piecewise cubic spline interpolation
11) cubicfarrow.m performs Cubic Farrow interpolation
12) cubiconv.m performs cubic convolution interpolation
13) cubint.m performs piecewise cubic interpolation
14) divdiff.m calculates divided differences
15) expint.m calculates piecewise exponential interpolation
16) floaterhormann.m performs rational interpolation using the Floater-Hormann Method
17) fractint.m performs self-affine fractal interpolation for specific interpolation points
18) hermint.m performs piecewise Hermite interpolation
19) hermitediv.m calculates Hermite divided differences
20) hilbint.m performs piecewise Hilbert transform interpolation
21) interpdct.m performs interpolation using the DCT method
22) lagint.m performs piecewise Lagrange interpolation
23) linint.m performs piecewise linear interpolation
24) mqspline.m performs piecewise monotone quadratic spline interpolation
25) neville.m performs interpolation using Neville's Method
26) newtint.m performs interpolation of equally-spaced points
27) polycof.m performs non-Vandermonde polynomial interpolation coefficients
28) qhermite.m performs piecewise quintic Hermite interpolation
29) qspline.m performs piecewise quadratic spline interpolation
30) ratint.m performs simple rational polynomial interpolation
31) rchermite.m performs piecewise rational cubic Hermite spline interpolation
32) said.m performs piecewise Said interpolation
33) schwerner.m performs rational interpolation using the Schneider-Werner Method
34) shermite.m performs piecewise septic Hermite interpolation
35) sincdint.m performs piecewise discrete sinc interpolation
36) sincint.m performs piecewise sinc interpolation
37) steffen.m performs monotonic Steffen interpolation
38) stineman.m performs monotonic Stineman interpolation
39) thiele.m performs rational Thiele interpolation
40) trigint.m performs piecewise trigonometric interpolation

Functions for approximation:
1) minimaxpoly.m calculates the optimal polynomial via the Remez algorithm
2) minimaxrat.m calculates the optimal rational polynomial via the Remez algorithm

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