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Parallel MRI noisy phantom simulator

Simulator of noisy parallel acquisition MR data (GRAPPA and SENSE included)


Updated 29 May 2012

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PHANTOM_PARALLEL simulates a noisy multiple coil acquisition of a synthetic MR image. The inputs are an MR slice, the number of coils, the covariance matrix and the configuration of the parallel acceleration.

It allows three kind of outputs:

- Multiple-coil without k-space subsampling.
- With subsampling and GRAPPA reconstruction
- With subsampling and SENSE reconstruction.

The output also provides the variant noise patterns and effective values according to

S. Aja-Fernández, A. Tristán-Vega, S. Hoge. Statistical Noise Analysis in GRAPPA using a parametrized non-central chi approximation model.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Volume 65, Issue 4, pages 1195–1206, 2011

S. Aja-Fernández, A. Tristán-Vega, Influence of Noise Correlation in
Multiple-Coil Statistical Models with Sum of Squares Reconstruction.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Volume 67, Issue 2, pages 580–585, 2012

The toolbox is intended for simulation of realistic noise patterns in MR data for validation of filtering and noise estimation methods. The non-noise data (Golden Standard) is provided in any case.

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vince lee

Thank you very much for your job.It is excellent.


Thanks. I want to take input coil data in image domain for parallel imaging operation. How will I find the database for giving as inputs to different coils?


Really works!

Thank you for this excellent job. Really helpful.


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