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Convert Julian date to Normal Date

version (2.54 KB) by M Sohrabinia
Accepts Julian Date(s) vector (numeric), gives normal date(s) in a character vector


Updated 06 Jun 2012

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Julian Date input format: yyyyddd, e.g, 01 Jan 2009 = 2009001 or 31 Dec 2009 =
2009365. Normal date output format can be 'dd-mmm-yyyy' (e.g., 31-Dec-2009). If the given date is not in the above format (i.e., numeric with 7 significant digits such as 2012187.5 for 05 Jun 2012 12:00 PM), warnings will be returned. The second input argument is optional.
jl_dates: one or a vector of numerical Julian dates (7 significant digits: 0000000.00)
dateFormat: format of the output string date (optional)
normalDate: a character vector of output date(s)
status: a string character giving information about possible warnings
which will be generated if the input jl_dates vector does not follow
required conditions.

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'leapyear' requires Aerospace Toolbox.



Description of the function is updated and the inputs/outputs are more clarified.

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