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Color Segmentation

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Example used for Imaging Webinar 26-June-2003.

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Web-based seminars were broadcast live on 26 June 2003. The topic was how scientific imaging problems can be solved using MATLAB along with the Image Acquisition and Image Processing toolboxes. The particular example shown was a color based segmentation problem.
The broadcasts were interactive in nature, so the demonstration worked with a camera and live image data.

This package contains a script (.M) file, similar to that which was followed during delivery of the live webinars. It also includes a data (.MAT) file with some predefined image coordinates that specify known sample regions. The fabric image used by the script ships with version 4.0 of the Image Processing Toolbox.

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Mariam Sheha

Hey all;

first of all, it's amazing code, thanks a lot for offering such help.
I would appreciate your help telling me how can i use it on a segmented image instead of using "roipoly" function but it dosen't work at all...

really i am in need for like such program to identify colors present in the region of interest that i had already detected using segmentation program...


hi please temme how to run all those program..

unable to run


thanks your help .

Mohsen Neshati

Hao Guo


youyou younesse


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