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Easy Friedman Test

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This is a useful function for comparing algorithms or treatments.

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The function takes a 3-dimensional table with results from different methods,
instances and replicates and returns a 2-dimensional table for the
friedman test. Addicionally, it will ask if you want to run the test and
compare the results.

results : 3-dimensional matrix in the format:
(method_number, instance_number, replicate_number)
optional inputs:
display : boolean used to decide if you want to already perform the test
isreplicate : treats multiple runs as replication (1) or repetition (2)
names : cell variable with method names

friedman_table : 2-dimensional table in the format for the friedman test
(block, method)

% Generating the data
for i=1:methods
for j=1:instances
for k=1:replicates
if i == 1
fos(i,j,k) = genetic_algorithm(problem);
elseif i == 2
fos(i,j,k) = local_search(problem);
% Comparing the methods and getting the table
friedman_table = fos2friedman(fos);
friedman_table = fos2friedman(fos,0);
friedman_table = fos2friedman(fos,1);

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is that could be used instead of ANOVA with repeated measure when the distribution is not normal?


Additional input options.

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