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DTMF decoder

version (5.74 KB) by Randolf Sequera
Displays the input waveform of a DTMF and determines the High and Low frequency content of a DTMF.


Updated 29 Jul 2003

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This file demonstrate the waveform of a DTMF, its frequency contents and as well as the FFT transforms. the file 'decode' is the main program file and the one that should be run. do not run the subdecode file. requires MATLAB 6.5

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Do you know what's Design and implementation of dual tone multi frequency signal generating and receiving system based on PCM? If you know please help me.



this page is not opening please check it once

wenlei bai

duan ?

michael johnson

JungHoon Kim

can u give me more imformation in DTMF decoder using MATLAB

marcio ports

Andres Lopilato

Great!!!, but i need the VHDL code....thanks anyway.

kevin kiernan

farhan iqbal

ashwin patani

can u give me more imformation in DTMF decoder using MATLAB

ashwin patani

hello ,i like that but this code should not run in MATLAB 6 so what i m do.

ashish malviya

i am doing dtmf detection by using goertzel algorithm but i am not getting please help me and give the code in matlab.

turky .

Andile Dlamini

I havent got any comments, but i'ld like to ask if you can do the same thing using a normal mcu, not a dtmf decoder mcu. is it possible to decode dtmf using that mcu

Derek Nye

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