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2D Poisson equation

version (1.68 KB) by Suraj Shankar
Solving the 2D Poisson equation iteratively, using the 5-point finite difference stencil


Updated 10 Sep 2012

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The 2D Poisson equation is solved in an iterative manner (number of iterations is to be specified) on a square 2x2 domain using the standard 5-point stencil. Homogenous neumann boundary conditions have been used.

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Adam Ugron

There is a typo in your code. The source term in the iterative formula is multiplied by dy*2 instead of dy^2.

Otherwise your code is a big helpful.

Suraj Shankar

The code is meant to be pedagogical in nature and has been made in line with the 12-steps to Navier-Stokes practical module, for which I would like to credit Lorena Barba and her online course on CFD.

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