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Monte Carlo Simulation with Simulink

version (26.4 KB) by Ryan G
Select blocks to vary parameters for Monte Carlo Simulation.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This app allows the user to graphically select blocks (such as gains and subsystems) to design a Monte Carlo simulation. The user can also decide which signals to plot for the simulation.
Although the current generation was designed with the Simulink example model F14, the functions behind it can work with almost any model. This is meant to show the possibilities of implementing a Monte Carlo Simulation with Simulink.

The Statistics Toolbox is required to generate random variations. Please leave comments for suggested updates and features.

For more information on using Monte Carlo methods with Simulink see:

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Ryan G (2020). Monte Carlo Simulation with Simulink (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Are you the same Ryan Gordon who modeled the autopilot model in simulink?


It solves a big puzzle recently I have met in article!

I recommend this Matlab code for implementation of Monte Carlo method for sensitivity analysis of Simulink models:


Ryan G

All apps require R2012b for easy install. However, you should be able to grab the GUI files (m-files and .fig files) by using a zip utility to open the package.


Is it possible to use that App in the MATLAB & Simulink Student Version R2012a? If yes, how do I install it?


Updated license

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