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This is utility to read SAC (Seismic Analysis Code) binary files created on/for SUN platform.


Updated 18 Aug 2003

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Syntax: sac_sun2pc_mat('filename')

Reads the SAC binary files from/for SUN platform and creates a .mat file that consists of
1. a structure, H, that contains all the header information and
2. a vector, X, that contains the waveform.

The input file 'filename' must be either a sac file with extension .sac or a path. In the latter case all sac files in this path are converted.

The path must be the full path, i.e., 'C:\Data\920611_001538_00_405'.

The mat files are saved in the folder, in which the original .sac file exists.

The SAC format files and names of variables are based on documentation, I have found in the internet. Some SAC Header variables that are 'not currently used' (according to the documentations, I found) are in comments, whereas others are ommitted.

This file has been tested (not thoroughly, though) using Matlab 6.5 but should be working on all other previous Matlab 6 or 5 versions as well.

Note that the file is NOT guaranteed to work perfectly, so please check your results.

Please send any comments or corrections to

SAC_SUN2PC_MAT written by C. D. Saragiotis on August 14th, 2003

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Christos Saragiotis (2022). SAC_Sun2PC_mat (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired: sacsun2mat/sacpc2mat

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