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MathExplorer: Learning Maths using MuPAD for Engineering Students

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A set of MuPAD notebooks which allow engineering students to visualize and experiment with maths.

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A set of hyperlinked maths notebooks which allow Y1 and Y2 engineering students to visualize and experiment with difficult maths concepts. The aim is to allow students to do lots of examples, in an interactive fashion, without focussing on the derivation. The notebooks encourage the students to visualize and reflect on the the answer, rather than the detail of the derivations. As such it can also be used in lectures.

To run the notebooks, simply unzip in a folder, start Matlab and double click on the file. This has all the other files linked in.

The green variables at the top are for students to alter and re-evaluate the notebook. A set of exercises are at the end of each file.

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