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A MATLAB Script for Computing Hyperbolic Coordinates

version (243 KB) by David Eagle
This script demonstrates how to compute C3, RLA, and DLA of a hyperbolic orbit.

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Updated 29 Jan 2014

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PDF user’s manual and source code for a MATLAB script named demo_hyper that can be used to calculate C3 (twice the specific (per unit mass) orbital energy), RLA (the right ascension) and DLA (declination) of the asymptote of a hyperbolic trajectory. The script can use both Cartesian state vector (position and velocity vectors) and classical orbital elements as the data source.

This computer program assumes that the hyperbolic targets, state vector and classical orbital elements are all in the same Earth-centered-inertial (ECI) coordinate system.

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David Eagle (2020). A MATLAB Script for Computing Hyperbolic Coordinates (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Katie Smit

Does anybody know why the true anomaly calculation here on pg. 5 of the .pdf explaination is calculated as theta_inf = acos(-1/e) instead of theta_inf = acos(1/e)?
All the information I've found about calculating true anomaly during a hyperbolic orbit has a positive 1/e within acos.

sun Chong


Updated user's manual. Added interactive features to the MATLAB script.

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