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Moon Lander Matlab Game Example of getting keypressed

version (11.6 KB) by Héctor Corte
Lunar Lander game in Matlab, fully functional, and an example of how to get keypressed in figures.


Updated 06 Apr 2015

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Version 0.3 (beta, so please, give feedback).
This is a game and also an example of how to read/use keypress functionality from figures.

it's a tribute to Moon Lander[1], without any lucrative pourpouse.

The game opens a figure with the spaceship that must land on the square
avoiding hitting the land.

Use the arrows to turn the spaceship and the spacebar to fire the engine.

[1] Lunar Lander, Game,

This function was written by :
Héctor Corte
B.Sc. in physics 2010
M.Sc. in Complex physics systems 2012
NPL (National Physical Laboratory), London,United kingdom.

Comments and Ratings (8)

Jay Janusz

I close matlab and redownloaded the file and now it works perfectly :)

Jay Janusz

When run says:

Undefined function or variable 'spaceship'.

Error in Moon03 (line 52)


Is there something I need to add to the program for it to run properly/update matlab?

Thanks. I have fixed that and also the engine now don't stops when pushing another key.

need to move intro() to after spaceship & terrain are initialized


This new version has better graphics and uses a class to handle the spaceship. It is now a better example for a game.

Fixed the problem with the intro. And now the engine stays on fire despite you push other keys.

I fixed the problem with the intro. And now the engine stays on fire despite you push another keys at the same time of spacebar.

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