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Maidenhead Locator Calculation

version (1.63 KB) by Yves OESCH
Lat/long to maidenhead conversion.


Updated 03 Sep 2003

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This M-File convert the classical latitude/longitude coordinates to the maidenhead locator system, mostly used by the ham-radio operator to describe the transmitter location (QTH).

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Yves OESCH (2020). Maidenhead Locator Calculation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Mike Bail

Very simple


Sorry, I haven't it in English, but the code is very simple.
The section between ======= and ====== at the beginning, is simply a few examples of known locations that i used to check the code, by activating on of them.
The rest of the code is only some simple mathematics and format conversion to get the result.

Bill Mahan

I have been looking for a simple program to convert LON/LAT to the 6-digit MH square.

Do you have this in English? Thanks!

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