Density altitude calculator

Finds altitude in the atmosphere as a function of air density.


Updated 3 Jul 2017

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H = DENSITYALT(RHO,Param1,Val1,Param2,Val2,...) returns altitude, H, as a function of air density, RHO.
The input RHO can be followed by parameter/value pairs for further control:
inputUnits - String for units of input RHO, either kg/m³ or slug/ft³.
outputUnits - String for units of output H, either meters or feet.
atmosphereFunc - String determining atmosphere function to be used ( stdatmo | atmosisa | atmoscoesa | atmosnonstd ).
atmosphereArgs - Cell array of additional arguments to pass to atmosphereFunction after the density input (e.g. for non-standard atmospheres).
method - Method used for either searching for (with fzero or bisection) or interpolating a solution (the equations that define the standard atmosphere cannot be inverted in terms of density).
options - Options used for fzero or bisection methods.
and others.

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Inspired by: Standard Atmosphere Functions

Inspired: Standard Atmosphere Functions

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Merged with other entry at
This entry will not be kept up to date.
New default atmosphere model, atmos.

Big rev: new input scheme and solution scheme using inputParser. New
documentation and example.

new method input, possibility, clean-up, example added, etc.

small documentation changes