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Discrete Distribution Random Sampler

version (2.12 KB) by George Papandreou
Fast discrete distribution random sample generator.


Updated 02 Jan 2013

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Generate random samples from the discrete distribution.
Uses a property of the Gumbel distribution to avoid for loops for speed.


prob [Q N]
if type=='prob', then
prob(:,n) is the probability vector for the n-th sample, i.e.,
Prob(sample(n)==q) = prob(q,n) / sum(prob(:,n))
prob cannot have negative entries but doesn't need to be normalized.
if type=='energy', then
prob(:,n) is specified in energy (negative log-prob) terms, i.e.,
Prob(sample(n)==q) = exp(-prob(q,n)) / sum(exp(-prob(:,n)))
type (char array)
Can be either 'prob' [default] or 'energy'


sample [1 N]
Random sample from the discrete distribution. Its elements take values
in the set {1,..., Q}.


(1) Generate 1000 IID random samples from the discrete density on 4
variables with symbol probabilities prob = [.4 .2 .1 .3]

Q = 4; N = 1000;
prob = [.4 .2 .1 .3]';
sample = sample_discrete(repmat(prob,[1 N]));
f = zeros(Q,1);
for q=1:Q
f(q) = sum(sample==q)/N;
bar([prob f],'grouped');

(2) Generate 1000 independent random samples from discrete densities on 4
variables with symbol probabilities that differ for each site and are
specified in terms of energies.

Q = 4; N = 1000;
prob = [.4 .2 .1 .3]';
energy = bsxfun(@plus, -log(prob), randn(Q,N));
sample = sample_discrete(energy,'energy');
f = zeros(Q,1);
for q=1:Q
f(q) = sum(sample==q)/N;
bar([prob f],'grouped');

For the underlying method, see the appendix of the paper:
G. Papandreou and A. Yuille, Perturb-and-MAP Random Fields, ICCV-11.

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