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Sauvola local image thresholding

version (6.33 KB) by Jan Motl
Sauvola binarization method is well suited for ill illuminated or stained documents.


Updated 08 May 2013

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The implemented Sauvola method uses integral images for fast computation of the threshold function.

The Sauvola method is described in:

J. Sauvola and M. Pietikainen, Adaptive document image binarization, Pattern Recognition 33, 2000. -

The modification which uses integral images providing a 20-fold speedup (according to the paper) is described in this paper:

F. Shafait, D. Keysers, and T. M. Breuel, Efficient implementation of local adaptive thresholding techniques using integral images, Document Recognition and Retrieval XV, 2008 -

A paper evaluating binarization methods:

P. Stathis, E. Kavallieratou and N. Papamarkos - An Evaluation Technique for Binarization Algorithms, Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2008, -

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Comments and Ratings (15)

Jorge Rivé

Thank you for sharing this.
I get totally white image (I can send you the image, but don't know how to append it to this)....what could be going wrong?


A question, ... why the output does not change by changing the neighborhood or thresholding?

Jan Motl

@mohamed abu eita: I tested the code in MATLAB 2015a on OS X 10.11 and it still works.

Jan Motl

@Sara: ImageJ uses a circular local window, instead of a rectangular one. See:


Good Work

wahyudi setiawan

Peyman Obeidy

Thank you for this, nicely done.

Divakar Badal


Thank you so much!
It helps me a lot!

Tu Nguyen Anh


Thank you so much!
All your set of adaptive thresholding scripts is amazing.
Great work. It's very appreciated.

mohamed abu eita

Hi i want to run this code on matlab 2015 but not run


I have ImageJ software which has a adaptive thresholding tools and sauvola's method, But I didnt get the same results!

can anyone please tell me why the results is different??


I do appreciated you for what you have done, your codes are great, thanks a lot and again.

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